Scheduling Your Appointment

  • Customers are only allowed to bring (1) one person with them to the center (such as a Responsible Adult, interpreter, etc)

  • If you're scheduling to take a road test, view the Road Test Appointment page for all requirements such as vehicle and insurance information. 

  • All other customers are encouraged to view the appropriate license services page to determine if any documentation is required during the visit. A list of the most popular license services can be found on the How do I? webpage.

All Applicants visiting a center must fill out the required form for license/id/permit and schedule an appointment. Once submitted, valid for 30 days. 


  • Use the Appointment System to schedule, cancel, or change an appointment.
  • The appointment number and the email used to schedule your appointment is needed to make changes or cancel your appointment. Please check your email. 


  • The health and safety of DDS employees and its customers are of the utmost importance. For more information, please view our DDS COVID-19 Response. 
  • DDS does not charge for non-commercial road test reservations or appointments. Commercial road tests are paid for in advance when scheduling the appointment.

  • The Governor’s Executive Order signed on April 23, 2020, for Road Test Waivers was updated on May 12, 2020. The automobile road test requires an appointment and the passing of the modified road test.  All drivers are now required to take and pass a modified road test that will be administered at DDS Customer Service Centers.  


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